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Social Network

No, not the kind of Social network which forces you to post and comment things in public. Peppty is a new kind of Social network where you can choose to stay private or go public at each and every step.

Peppty is a Social Network built on basis of Privacy. We have implemented privacy settings from core level of peppty. We have Trademarks and Applied Patents for our unique features, some of them are private posts, private likes, private comments. We offer messenger too and one can go public and private in any instance with his/her data, whether he/she liking a post or commenting on a post.

We provide custom social networks for organisations with custom features and branding.

Retail Industry


At Peppty we are also buiding a retail commerce app which can digitalze around 10 million plus indian retail shops. We are trying bring 30% of them online by 2023. Our retail platform offers a place for any kind of shop. kirana, medical, mobile shops. We are testing our platform with few shops. Shops is yet to release to general public.

We modeled a business plan by which we can do what zomato done to restaurant industry, Shops does to retail industry. A complete circle of business plans and perfect execution would generate millions of dollars in this industry.

Digital Media Industry

Stroies App

Stories App is designed as Vertical Fullscreen Video app, which is very popular now in the industry. We took the popular format of present industry and built a robust product based on it. Stories App can host any public news channel and any public content creation organisation, scalable to millions of users , robust, can embend custom advertisements and ready to generate thousands of dollars revenue per month.

We are starting to monetize the Stories app and currently trying to get news organisations onto our app to publish their media 24/7 on our platform.

Social media Industry


We built a strangers chat application where strangers can talk to one another with out any login or signup, we care alot about privacy so we do not take users email or mobile number, we provide a private space to talk to one another. Chat app has around 10 unique features some of which work based on machine learning. A full chat app with exceptional design language and feature embended to make users feel safe and private.

Currently we are running ad networks on the ChatApp platform and also introducing in app purchases. We have built an admin control panel and best of reporting system to keep out spam content.

Our userbase has grown to 130,000 since the start couple months back.
We are growing at a rate of 500-1000 users a day.

No. 4 trending strangerchatapp on Google Android Playstore


Nandagiri Aditya

Director, Co-Founder

Nandagiri Akhilesh

Director, Founder

Sai Siddeshwar

Technical Lead (iOS Developer)


Server Manager, Software Engineer


Gunukula Vamshi Krishna Reddy

Investor, Mentor

Legal Advisor

Gopala Krishna Kalanidhi

High Court Advocate, A.P and Telangana.





The idea behind peppty started in 2013 and went through many iterations of public opinions and surveys. We took the help of the First principles and dig deep into what makes the idea more helpful to people, so we started from scratch went to the basic idea of what a social network is and started building peppty from ground level. We build peppty by taking many things into consideration and by rethinking of every social network feature, we created features that are logical, meaningful and work like in real social life.

Peppty is aiming to become India's Social Network. Helping Communities to get more connected and share moments with their loved ones. Peppty helps people to share content and have more control over the content and interactions of others on the content, we provide such a control just to make people feel free to express and share their moments. As Technology evolves people are sharing less and expressing less about most of the things they used to express in past, this, in fact, makes people and communities interact less. To solve this condition we provide some of our control features like post views, Significant views.


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